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cherry blossom wall decal, Buy Online

I designed my cherry blossom wall decal, then found a vendor to create it for me–Single Stone Studios.

Cherry Blossom Vinyl Wall Decal

Shelley loved the design so much, she asked if she could use it for sale in her online store. Since I made it for decor at the Moderati office, I figured I’d been paid for my work, so why not. Not quite sure I’m happy with the arrangement I made (I was supposed to get artist credit, and it’s a live and learn thing I guess), I’m still really happy that my design is available for others to enjoy. Had I not agreed to let the design be for sale, it wouldn’t be able to live on through others who enjoy it as much as I do.

If you happen to ever come across it in the real world, snap a pic for me. I’d love to see how it came to life!

Available on the Single Stone Studio’s etsy and ebay shops:

surprise compliment from Gary Yentin, 9/22/09

Out of the blue I got an email and really fantastic phone call from Gary Yentin. He said he was surprised to find out about my skill range, and then said he was further surprised to see these videos, and called me a genius (and said I am too modest about it all). ;p

Thank you Gary for reaching out to me like that–it was so thoughtful, and you easily could just have said nothing. What a great person you are. πŸ™‚

The product and videos were so fun to work on, and it really means a lot to have them be noticed and appreciated. And I am so happy the future-client at Sony had such a great response, too.

Gary’s email posted below……

“Hi Mini
The client from Sony found your great videos – Yule Log for iPhone, Director’s Cut Demo – Capitol Records Holiday Yule Log iPhone App,

And wanted to make sure once we rebrand it Sony that we can make similar demo videos

You definitely caught their eye πŸ™‚


Zippo Virtual Lighter featured in Apple’s new iPhone Commercial!

There’s an app for just about everything, and if you look closely at 24-seconds in, you can see there’s a Zippo Virtual Lighter app. πŸ™‚

Full commercial can be seen on the Apple website here:

iPhone Commercial Still, Zippo Virtual Lighter

iPhone Commercial Still, Zippo Virtual Lighter

Virtual Zippo Lighter, Mobi Award Winner!

I am so pleased to find out that the Virtual Zippo Lighter app just won a Mobi award! And not only did it win, but my lil’ old Virtual Zippo Ligher app beat-out Coke and Paramount!


Company Name: Virtual Zippo Lighter
Company Name to Receive the Award: Moderati
Agencies: Moderati
Brand: Zippo
Links to Creative:

Based on the success of the Apple App Store, Moderati decided to create an iPhone app with Zippo, the famed lighter brand, as a new tool of brand awareness for the company. Moderati successfully conceived and actualized the transcendence of the iconic brand from the physical world into the mobile entertainment landscape. The App is the only one of its kind in the App Store with a fully interactive lighter simulation. The Virtual Zippo Lighter operates just like a real lighter, but without anyone getting burned. The application takes advantage of several features of the iPhone and iPod Touch developer platform, including the accelerometer to enable movement of the flame in response to motion. Realistic sound effects highlight the action of the lighter when it opens and closes, and the vibration feature lets you know when the flame is upside down. It opens with a flick of the wrist and lights with a turn of the flint wheel and the truly windproof flame sways as the device is moved back and forth. Audiences the world over, in as many as 76 countries, can experience the famous “Zippo Moment” for free, by holding their cell phones aloft and swaying to power ballads at concerts.

Moderati deployed a targeted, multi-stage campaign that generated cross-market adoption and far exceeded initial goals in garnering brand recognition, resulting in an unprecedented 5 million downloads and media coverage in over fifty consumer, advertising and entertainment trade publications and blogs including Adweek, Wired, and Ad Age. The Zippo Virtual Lighter quickly became a global phenomenon and ranks in the top 20 iPhone apps of all time according to Comscore. The Virtual Zippo Lighter reached 100,000 downloads within its first week and was #2 on Apple’s list of Top Free iPhone Apps within two weeks of being launched. The app has maintained a spot on the list of Top 50 Free iPhone Apps since its inception in October and has now been downloaded over 5,000,000 times.

Image, Mini Kurhan 2008

Image, Mini Kurhan 2008