Monthly Archives: May 2012

ModCloth praised for great Email Marketing

HibSpot Blog praises ModCloth not once, but THREE times in it’s list of 10 Simply Awesome Examples of Email Marketing!

Listed at #1, communicating changes to email policy:
“…I was so impressed that a brand actually cared enough to tell me it was changing certain components of its email marketing program.”


Listed at #5, fun approach to personalization:
“…ModCloth and AmazonLocal both know what their email recipients like, and as a result, they can better segment their email lists to provide more relevant content. But this email lets recipients take a fun survey to get the answers!”


Listed at #8, promoting customer referrals:
“This email is great because it recognizes that even engaged customers — you know, the ones that are likely to refer customers — might not know you offer referral benefits. Email marketing is ideal for ongoing communication with engaged leads and prospects; never forget about keeping them in the know!”

Find out more from the full article, here.