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Great Article on Fashion-Tech Startups, from Business of Fashion

Here are some quotes from the article, written by Lawrence Lenihan, founder and managing director of FirstMark Capital.

“In my opinion, the biggest change will be a dramatic shift in the relationships amongst brands, retailers and customers. Going forward, every brand must figure out how to connect directly with its customers and they must structure their business around the relationships they want to have with their customer rather than let their distribution channels define them. The economics are too great not to do so.”

“Fashion makes you feel. It is about emotion. The web can create amazing experiences using video and images to convey a story. Sites can engage customers and get them to participate in the definition of brands and products.”

“And my prediction is that we will see more and more entrepreneurs who understand that it’s the brand that matters and use technology to provide unique value-added services to them.”

Read the full article:
Op-Ed | The Problem with Most Fashion-Tech Startups