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ModCloth praised for great Email Marketing

HibSpot Blog praises ModCloth not once, but THREE times in it’s list of 10 Simply Awesome Examples of Email Marketing!

Listed at #1, communicating changes to email policy:
“…I was so impressed that a brand actually cared enough to tell me it was changing certain components of its email marketing program.”


Listed at #5, fun approach to personalization:
“…ModCloth and AmazonLocal both know what their email recipients like, and as a result, they can better segment their email lists to provide more relevant content. But this email lets recipients take a fun survey to get the answers!”


Listed at #8, promoting customer referrals:
“This email is great because it recognizes that even engaged customers — you know, the ones that are likely to refer customers — might not know you offer referral benefits. Email marketing is ideal for ongoing communication with engaged leads and prospects; never forget about keeping them in the know!”

Find out more from the full article, here.

ModCloth recognized as Top Brand Twitter Design

My team created another stand-out design! Design by, Samantha Mansfield and Ryan Keightly.

As quoted from the article:
“If you’re trying to build a remarkable social media presence, you can bet that the look and feel of your brand pages in social media will make an impression on new visitors who know nothing or little about you.”

Read the full article by Internet Marketing blog HubSpot Blog:
17 Examples of Twitter Brand Page Backgrounds to Inspire You

ModCloth Twitter Background, Swim Campaign, March 2012

ModCloth holiday stylebook

I am a lucky gal–my first stylebook for ModCloth got to be none other than a “chapter” of the four-part 2010 holiday season storybook.

The Holiday of your Dreams, Chapter 2, Home Page

In November the design and photo teams road-tripped it down to San Luis Obispo to shoot all the collections at the legendary Madonna Inn. The experience was amazing. After an exhausting day of work, you’d think I’d be able to fall asleep, but my mind couldn’t stop racing with inspiration and excitement. Colors, shapes, sparkle, textures flashed continuously through my thoughts, and all I knew was that it was a really great first day of shooting, and I couldn’t wait to wake up and do it all over again.

Day two of shooting was again filled with inspiration. It unfortunately was not filled with enough evening light, and the outdoor outerwear shoot turned problematic. Fear not, location scouting in San Francisco turned out to be another inspiring (and exhausting) experience, and as luck would have it, the construction that has been going on for months at the Palace of Fine Arts seemed to be winding down, and a new photo shoot location was born.

The shoot was great, and we really had a “magic” moment towards the end. The combination of the sun reflecting intensely off the lake, bouncing back off a single reflector gave us the most stunning photos. There was literally a moment when we all gasped when I asked the model to turn her face to be more profile. I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

My initial idea of using glitter in the shoot turned out to be magic as well. We captured an amazing cloud of glitter dust during the location shoot, and we able to capture more in studio for additional effect.

It was a lot of work over the course of a few weeks, and the end result has made me very proud. I think the imagery helps create an atmosphere around the clothing collection, enveloping the viewer in a warm (and sparkly) holiday world.

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