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surprise compliment from Gary Yentin, 9/22/09

Out of the blue I got an email and really fantastic phone call from Gary Yentin. He said he was surprised to find out about my skill range, and then said he was further surprised to see these videos, and called me a genius (and said I am too modest about it all). ;p

Thank you Gary for reaching out to me like that–it was so thoughtful, and you easily could just have said nothing. What a great person you are. 🙂

The product and videos were so fun to work on, and it really means a lot to have them be noticed and appreciated. And I am so happy the future-client at Sony had such a great response, too.

Gary’s email posted below……

“Hi Mini
The client from Sony found your great videos

http://vimeo.com/5237240 – Yule Log for iPhone, Director’s Cut Demo
http://vimeo.com/5237298 – Capitol Records Holiday Yule Log iPhone App,

And wanted to make sure once we rebrand it Sony that we can make similar demo videos

You definitely caught their eye 🙂